Floor Grinding

Our professional team can complete a wide range of assignments, including:

• Surface preparation works

• Wall glue removal

• Water proofing membrane removal

• Floor vinyl removal

• Floor Grinding

• Concrete Polishing

• Epoxy paint removal

• Concrete Planing

• Floor preparation & leveling

Our high speed grinders make quick work of levelling uneven spots, irregular joints and rough or bumpy concrete surfaces. Whatever the application, concrete grinding can save you time and money while minimising the risk of an onsite accident. Additionally, we own and operate our own equipment, which means you pay less. We’re also proud to have an accredited team who understand the complexities of concrete maintenance.

Concrete Polishing

By choosing polished concrete — the most modern, eco-friendly and cost-effective flooring option available today — you have taken a right step towards an alternative flooring for your project. Often called the perfect building material, polished concrete is a decorative flooring option that is not only durable and cost effective but also trendy.

Polished concrete is known for its preference in high traffic areas like warehouses and industrial facilities & for its low cost and super durability, long life and resistance to abrasions and stains. It is now hardly surprising that polished concrete is also the preferred flooring choice in residential, retail and decorative markets.

Floor Leveling

Cementitious Flooring:

We will level and smooth concrete any thickness from feathered edge, prior to installation of carpet, vinyl, timber or tiled flooring. We have the knowledge expertise and equipment to cover all your floor leveling needs.


Camber problems

Rough concrete

Rain damaged

Ramping of skirting boards

Preparation for vinyl, etc.

Floating timber flooring

General patching